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I landed a 4 next to a 5, and the AWEsum was 9.  Why didn’t the 4 and 5 disappear?
Cubes can only add vertically.  Horizontal matching could be ambiguous and confusing; for example, if a player lands a 4 cube in between two 5 cubes, it’s unclear which 5 cube should be destroyed.

I landed a 2 on top of an 8 and a 3 stacked together, and the AWEsum was 13.  Why weren’t all three cubes destroyed?
Cubes can only sum in pairs.  In our user testing, we found that allowing multi-cube sums created too many “accidental” sums, created by players just slamming cubes downward without thinking.  We wanted to maintain the element of challenge and the integrity of gameplay.

What are those balls for in the tube on the right side of the screen?
Those are Swap Spheres.  You start the game with three Swap Spheres, and you earn an additional Swap Sphere every time you form a double-AWEsum (make a sum with each of your falling cubes).  Swipe the bottom-most Swap Sphere toward your falling cubes if you don’t like their digits, and want to trade them for new ones!

Can I play AWEsum! on my ______________ ?
AWEsum! is available for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad through Apple’s App Store, for Android phones & tablets through Google Play, for Kindle products through the Amazon App Store, for Nook products through Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, and for Nabi tablets through the on-device Nabi storefront.

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