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I just downloaded NomNom, how can I help my child play through the app?
Just start it up and explore. A helping hand will sometimes appear to offer suggestions for things to touch and try. Many objects in the world first appear as an illuminated outline, and become fully revealed either when tapped or after some time has passed.
What are the possible places to explore in the app?
Manfred starts out in his room. He can then go outside, to the moon, and to an exotic desert. There’s a tent as well, and other objects and items to explore along the way!
Can children play this by themselves?
Yes! The app has a vague circular storyline, but children are not forced in any particular direction. They can explore to their hearts’ content, repeat an enjoyable action, or go back and forth between favorite places and adventures.
What is the recommended age range for this app?
We’ve seen children as young as 18 months enjoy NomNom. Some grandparents enjoy it too… (Officially, it’s intended for ages 2-5.)
Where is the menu?
There is no menu, no instructions, and no words of any kind. We surveyed 1000 babies about this feature, and they universally cooed in approval. :)
Are there any ads or in-app purchases my kids might accidentally activate?
No. After the initial purchase, there are no further ads, charges, or solicitations.
Can I play NomNom on my ______________ ?
NomNomNom Nomad is available for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad through Apple’s App Store, for Android phones & tablets through Google Play, for Kindle products through the Amazon App Store, and for Nabi tablets through the on-device Nabi storefront.

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