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What’s the difference between AWEsum! and AWEsum Plus?
AWEsum Plus was created in response to feedback from parents and teachers, who were requesting a number of different customization features to create specific learning experiences within AWEsum!  These changes were all possible, but could change gameplay dramatically.  In order to preserve competitive comparison of high scores among AWEsum! players, we decided to spin off a separate app, containing dozens of new customization options (which AWEsum numbers can appear, number of starting Swap Spheres, game speed controls, etc.), which focuses more on skill achievement than high scores.

Is there a discount if I purchase bulk quantities of AWEsum Plus for the iPads at my school?
Talk to your school/district’s IT department.  You are probably already signed up as members of Apple’s Education Volume Purchase Program, in which case you will automatically receive 50% off the purchase of 20+ of any of NOMAD’s apps!

How will playing AWEsum Plus help improve math skills?
In K-12 mathematics, one of the major goals is to help students move mentally from concrete to abstract representations of mathematical quantities.  For example, a young child holds 2 marbles in her left hand and 5 marbles in her right hand, and sees a total of 7 marbles (concrete), but an adult can’t help but to “see” the idea of 7 when looking at the written problem 2 + 5.  This type of reasoning continues to be required in subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, proportional reasoning, like terms, algebra, etc.  So when you’re playing AWEsum Plus, you’re definitely not just adding single-digit numbers.

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