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AWEsum Plus

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AWEsum Plus



By popular demand from teachers and parents, NOMAD, the creators of the award-winning casual game AWEsum!, now proudly present AWEsum Plus, a more skills-focused version of the action-packed puzzle game. Co-designed by a veteran K-12 math supervisor and a former console game designer, AWEsum Plus is a pedagogically sound technique for moving the human brain from concrete to abstract representations of numbers – the foundation cognitive principle for success in K-12 mathematics. In simpler terms, the types of thinking required in this game have been shown to mathematically attune students of all ages – and even adults!

AWEsum Plus is extremely configurable, allowing the parent, teacher, or child to restrict the randomly appearing AWEsums and game speed to a certain range or single value, modify the appearance of Swap spheres and Special cubes, eliminate periodic piece drop to remove time constraints, etc. A Skills Assessment screen summarizes the user’s strengths & weaknesses.

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