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A Touch of NOMADness (#3)

The following is the backstory behind our newest app, presented by NOMAD’s cofounder/co-owner/COO, Reuben Simonson: A couple years ago, when my daughter was old enough to start mashing on an iPad, any frugality I applied to app purchases went right out the window. I dished out dollars for any app that looked like it would even […]

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A Touch of NOMADness (#2)

A school supply list. This, along with a summer tee-ball schedule, was the first foreshadowing of a reality that my wife would put into words upon seeing the reaction on my face: “Yup – your daughter’s starting preschool.” Now, it’s not like I haven’t known this was coming.  In fact, if anyone should be more keenly […]

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A Touch of NOMADness (#1)

Three years ago, almost to the day, my business partner and I grabbed a couple of guys with coding skills, working a couple of nights a week to build an app. Seven months later, AWEsum! was released on the App Store and Android Market (Android Market?!?  That seems like so long ago…), and it’s been quite […]

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