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A Touch of NOMADness (#2)

A school supply list.

This, along with a summer tee-ball schedule, was the first foreshadowing of a reality that my wife would put into words upon seeing the reaction on my face:

“Yup – your daughter’s starting preschool.”

Now, it’s not like I haven’t known this was coming.  In fact, if anyone should be more keenly aware, it should be a dad who’s a teacher, right?  Maybe I was somewhat blinded to this imminent rite of passage for 4-year-olds because our first child is autistic and had a more unique and complicated experience starting school.  Whatever the reason, Cecilia starting preschool only became real to me when holding that school supply list in my hand.  It caught me by surprise that I was … caught by surprise.

At NOMAD, this is a very important back-to-school time for us.  We’ve been working hard this summer to prepare a barrage of new apps and updates, which, as usual, are all educational to one degree or another.  Today, we launched an update for AWEsum! in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play,and here’s what else is coming soon:

  • mid-August:  Version 2.0 of AWEsum Plus – a major update and complete rebuild
  • mid-September:  Release of Nom Nom Nomad – a new ad-free, menu-free discovery app for toddlers that allows parents to be totally hands-off
  • late September:  AWEsum! for Windows Phone
  • November:  AWEsum Friendzy for iPad, Android tablets, and … other mystery platforms :)

So – as another school year approaches, watch our web, Facebook, or Twitter pages for official announcement of these releases.  Download, enjoy, and spread the word.  Every little bit helps, and in my case, might allow me to cross another thing off a little girl’s first school supply list.

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