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A Touch of NOMADness (#1)

Three years ago, almost to the day, my business partner and I grabbed a couple of guys with coding skills, working a couple of nights a week to build an app.

Seven months later, AWEsum! was released on the App Store and Android Market (Android Market?!?  That seems like so long ago…), and it’s been quite a ride ever since.

Using a completely bootstrapped model, our team has doubled in size, and is looking to add one or two more Unity programmers in the next year.  AWEsum! has grown from a single app into a franchise, with the addition (ha!) of AWEsum Plus and the AWEsum Friendzy 2-player title.  I still vividly recall the day we were emailed out of the blue by a Fortune 100 tech company desiring a partnership, and how we ignored the email as spam (fortunately being contacted again in more detail 2 weeks later).

Besides our self-published titles, we’ve been involved in assisting other companies with their releases, including mental golf training apps, digital standardized testing prototypes, converted board games, and even games with massive reach that were adding 10,000+ users per day.  (See our Testimonials page for more info.)

And thereby you see the two activities that regularly vie for our company’s time: on the one side are our self-published titles… our “own stuff,” that fits our company’s vision perfectly, is consequently really fun to work on, and has unknown potential.  On the other side are the work-for-hire opportunities that keep the lights on, provide tremendous opportunities for learning/growth/inspiration, and often form rewarding and ongoing business relationships with some really interesting innovators in various fields.

Ultimately, we’re always striving for a balance between the two.  I want all of our NOMAD team members to have the opportunity to work on both unique creative content and externally imposed strict job parameters, changing from one to the other from time to time so things stay fresh and minds stay active.  We thank you, dear reader, for having been some part of our journey thus far, whether as a customer who has downloaded one of our titles, a client who has used our services, or as a new visitor who’s just checking us out.  We’ve certainly enjoyed the past 3 years, and as one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite childhood movies goes:

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.


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