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AWEsum! User Reviews

Fun for both kids and adults
I bought this game for my 5-year-old, but I find myself playing it even more than he does! It’s a fun brain exercise.

Just the thing to keep you up at night
I really enjoy the concept of the game! This game will keep you sharp!

Great exercise for the brain.
So fun that you do not realize you are learning.

I normally play games like scrabble or hanging with friends but I really like playing this game.

The title says it all
This is a step above tetris. I'm addicted.

Marvelous take on the Tetris theme of game but involving yet another aspect to 'flip' the mind!

Simple premise yet very addicting. You can literally spend hours with this game

Awesum indeed
This game is pretty cool. Gets harder at the higher levels (and when trying to make numbers above 10) but works brilliantly and is very addictive! Got over 20k score on my first go :P

Belongs on XBox Live Arcade. A PC version would be nice to have as well. Falling bricks + numbers = best game concept ever!

Once I figured out the special features...
I had to play it 2x before I realized I needed to pay more attention to the instructions at the beginning! Once I figured out the power of getting 5 awesums in a row, it became extremely fun and a good time waster! not to mention it's educational. :) 5 stars. Thanks Nomad.

Great little puzzler to work your noggin
Fast paced and fun.

Download at your own risk. This game is really addictive!

Simple math, challenging game
At first I thought this was a kid's game, but I couldn't be more wrong. This game is Tetris meets first grade math which seems so simple yet is very challenging and fast paced. I love this game!

Great fun
A lot of fun. A great change of pace from the types of games normally offered. A good brain boggeler for adults and math practice for kids.

Educational fun for all age groups
This game is super fun! I have played it for months and months never tiring. Kudos to Nomads.

Perfect geek game!
Tetris? Check. Math? Check. The need to get the highest score? Check. My inner geek is swooning.

It is a fun game that gets really challenging when it speeds up later in the game. Keeps you interested in beating your scores.

very fun and some education. i love math so this is awesome. my mom makes me do math and ELA over the summer...i use this.

Great game
Sooooo addicting!, It's hard to stop once you start and it's helping me restore some mathematical skills that have become a little rusty.

Just a great game to play and take your mind off of things. I feel like I am using a good amount of mental power while still having fun - i.e. not wasting my time just playing some other game. It is my go-to on my train rides or when I'm just waiting for something!

Great practice
My students love this and so do my adult family members. It is well worth the 99 cents. Great practice for any age.

I love this game! I play it everyday! Who knew how much calculators have taken over our lives! This game makes you feel smart again!

Best game ever
People at nomad know how to game

Great game
Excellent educational and entertaining game for kids and adults. Learn while learning to learn quickly!

It’s AWEsum!
It’s the best math game ever!

Great game, I’ve been sucked in playing for hours. Keeps the mind active too.

Great game for all ages
AWEsum is insanely addicting and fun whether you’re 5 or 55. Great learning tool for kids and parent can become equally hooked to it!

Addictive and Loads of Fun
Really enjoy this game. Now I am playing it constantly.

Fun & Challenging
Great game, very fun and challenging!! It passes quickly. Then I lose :( LOL

Great time killer
My go to app.