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User Reviews

Awesum Indeed!
This game is pretty cool. Gets harder at the higher levels (and when trying to make numbers above 10) but
works brilliantly and is very addictive! Got over 20k score on my first go :P

Belongs on XBox Live Arcade. A PC version would be nice to have as well.
Falling bricks + numbers = best game concept ever!

Fantastic App
Great fun and very challenging game. Great way to pass a few minutes. I did not think math could be fun, but this is fantastic. Great job!

This is a great game nomad did it major with this game
very good brain exercise for adults and children.

Simple math, challenging game
At first I thought this was a kid's game, but I couldn't be more wrong. This game is Tetris meets first grade math
which seems so simple yet is very challenging and fast paced. I love this game!

Just a great game to play and take your mind off of things. I feel like I am using a good amount of mental power while still having fun - i.e. not wasting my time just playing some other game. It is my go-to on my train rides or when I'm just waiting for something!